Local 514 Member Organizing Program 

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Open Positions 

Part Time Union Organizer - 

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston.

While previous experience in union organizing is highly desirable, there is no requirement for experience to start a career as an organizer.

The majority of an organizer’s skill development happens through on the job experience. These experiences will be a result of your own pursuit of new and innovative ways to identify, grow, and develop potential union contract accounts. 

Desired Abilities:

• Connect with employers and potential members educating the benefits of Union Organization

• Identify and develop new employer leads, new member leaders, and activists

• Train and mentor employers,member leaders, and activists

• Execute campaign plans with clear goals, strategies 

• Optimize use of local union resources to achieve successful outcomes

• Develop and maintain a high level of teamwork, spirit, collaboration and mutual accountability

• Work independently

• Carry out assigned responsibilities in a professional manner in keeping with the Local 514' overall goals and expectations

Skills, Abilities and Experience:

• Personal commitment to the mission and goals and policies of Local 514.

• The ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment 

• Good oral and written communication skills

• Basic computer & smartphone literacy 

• Willingness and ability to work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends

• Women and persons of color are strongly encouraged to apply for organizer positions

• Fluency in a second language is also highly desirable

• Strong personal planning and time management skills

• The ability to work with people from other cultures and backgrounds

• Having a valid drivers’ license, use of a car for work, and automobile insurance are mandatory conditions of employment in this role


Part Time organizer is designed to give freelancers the opportunity to participate in the Union organizing process and supplement their income.

Once a Union contract is secured you will be eligible to receive a bonus for your contribution typically 1/12th the annual dues. "Ballpark" compensation is, $50 for each member that joins the union. 

Additional hourly compensation will be provided for any time spent participating in Local 514's other Union Organizing activities. 


Potential for full time salary, benefits, vacation, and retirement will be made available to organizers whom exceed new member level targets.