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This is a unique opportunity

at a turning point in history

to come together, and build a sustainable future for ourselves and our families.

Union jobs are proven to

pay better, last longer, and have a higher rate of job satisfaction.

In a Union, you will vote

to decide on the policies that

affect you every day.  This is a constitutional right, and you are protected by federal law.

Unionizing is the point

where activism can turn into results.


It has been made clear by the world around us that the time to come together is now.

Turn your voices into wages, benefits, and treatment you deserve.


Union Benefits

Negotiating Rights
Wage Increases
Healthcare Packages
Fair Treatment
Job Security
Power in the Workplace

Local 514?

No Industry Restraints

Modern Strategy
Peaceful Negotiation
Accessible Leadership 
National Operations

514 brings a modern approach

to the stagnant labor industry.


Our innate understanding of what today's workforce wants from their employers - and vice versa - allows us to generate trust and unity by working together to help members

and their companies succeed.

Since our founding days in 2012, we have steadily expanded to help skilled tradespeople and professionals organize.


We have grown to represent employees in Hospitality/Hotels, Airport Catering Services, Food Manufacturing, Food Distribution, Trucking/Moving/Hauling, Warehousing, Construction, Scaffolding Operations,

and Social Services.

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