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We've Modernized the Union Experience

With Local 514 you can start a campaign, join the Union, file a grievance, talk to a rep, and access information specific to your contract from right here on our website.

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48-hour Response Time to All-Union Member Inquiries.

We're available in person, or through virtual meetings, we can chat on our website, post together on social media, or engage on the messaging platform of your choice. Either way, we promise to never leave you on read.


Oh, and The Union's office line is answered Monday to Friday from 9-5 EST.

Quickly, and Discretely Sign a Union Authorization Card on Our Website

No more inflatable rat risking your reputation, we quickly and efficiently sign the majority of the bargaining unit with our online authorization signature tools and digital Union campaigns.

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Members Receive Access to Our Online Union Loyalty Rewards Program.

Membership includes access to our Member Loyalty Discount Program saving you money on everyday online shopping, and travel. Savings will offset the cost of Member Dues.

Our Members Participate in Union Negotiations


Local 514 Delegate Members participate in contract negotiations, ensuring the membership's most important issues are addressed.

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Paid Union Rep Positions 

We provide all of our members the opportunity to be trained as one of our Member Organizers and become an employment resource for their community.

How To Form A Union

Easy-to-understand, step-by-step video guidance to your legal right to organize.

Be the change you want in your life



How do you want to be involved?
Thank you for contacting us, one of our Union Representatives will be in touch with you soon.
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