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Meet the Local 514 Team

In 2012 founder Josh Gottlieb participated in a hard-fought Union campaign that was forced to end because of political affiliation.

Hard-working Gottlieb had the transformative experience of being ignited and inspired by the loss - rather than being deterred by it - and resolved to form and develop a Union base that could achieve the protections, freedoms, and rights for workers that they deserved - independent from any political or Union affiliations.

And so began Local Union 514, Brotherhood of Amalgamated Trades (B.A.T.)



Born & raised in Pound Ridge, NY, Josh is a natural people-person, communicator, and creative thinker. 


He honed those talents in his study of Journalism & Communications, and developed a passion for helping workers during his subsequent work in the Insurance industry.


After finding mentorship, friendship, and guidance in a leader of a Local Union (1430), Josh set his heart to the endeavor of advocating for and protecting worker’s rights.


Josh believes he can be the guy to do it better.



Born & raised in Buffalo, NY, Brendon is a problem-solver, business brain, and tech-savvy innovator.


He earned a Masters degree in Business and applied his knowledge in the field of Research & Development for the Industrial Safety Technology industry.


There, his passion for worker advocacy took hold, and he joined forces with Local 514’s leadership team in 2017.


Brendon believes in working smarter, not harder.

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